For years, Jiffy Lube’s vehicle maintenance business had been declining due to multiple industry disruptions, including cheaper competition, dealership maintenance/service packages, declines in vehicle ownership, and major improvements to vehicle performance & reliability. In 2020, AKQA San Francisco developed a three-year digital vision for Jiffy Lube to increase revenues through critical service improvements and by positioning Jiffy Lube as the most progressive and convenient automotive maintenance brand.

This comprehensive strategy and service design was grounded in deep market and customer research. Our team aligned Jiffy Lube’s goals with concrete plans to resurrect the brand back into competitive landscape and improve their digital maturity across marketing, corporate IT, and franchisee operations/systems. As a part of this initiative, I led the digital maturity analysis, ecosystem audit, and high-level concept ideation for delivering on the vision.

After developing the vision, I then led a team to redesign Jiffy Lube’s mobile consumer application, MyJiffyLube. Our team designed the full app UX and delivered a coded UI component library for Salesforce engineers to build the final production apps within the Salesforce (Lightning) ecosystem.

Alongside the app build, I also worked closely with (Jiffy Lube parent company) Shell’s data, ad tech, and information technology teams to design a tech architecture and transition plan to support critical features on the product roadmap. We co-developed a comprehensive data strategy and requirements for all corporate and franchisee IT systems to manage platform data including user profile information, vehicle maintenance and sales history, local promotional deals, and more.