Coinbase Cloud

From early 2021 until mid-2022, I was the product manager for the Coinbase Cloud platform. Coinbase Cloud provides APIs, services and SDKs for web3 developers across a breadth of crypto primitives like wallets, staking, payments, identity, and trading. By late 2021, the platform was supporting infrastructure for over 60,000 clusters, securing $30B of assets across 25+ protocols.

During this time, I led a cross-disciplinary team of 15 to design, build, and operate mission critical platform services and apps powering all of Coinbase Cloud, including performance dashboards, alerts systems, payments and identity management. I worked closely with marketing & research teams to understand the voice of customer, finance & scaled support teams to elicit fundamental business requirements, engineering teams to plan key integrations, and legal teams to ensure global regulatory compliance.

Finally, I oversaw the highly visible replatforming and rebranding of the Bison Trails staking services to Coinbase Cloud, driving the creation of platform marketing materials and support content for the platform relaunch and upcoming features.